Operation and maintenance support solution based on video

Business challenges:

By the operation and maintenance of the characteristics, determines the operation and maintenance work must be able to complete the following business processes:

- fault remote rendering

- expert resources call

The fault diagnosis of multistage meeting

- Troubleshooting report on file

Operators need to at all levels (with municipal, provincial and group) operation and maintenance system, a unified scheduling, expert resource sharing, can be done 24 hours remote fault appears, with the fastest speed, the highest efficiency to deal with the problem.

Solution description:

In operators daily maintenance work, the use of fixed conference room fixed video terminal as malfunction consultation meeting room, use jabber mobility, remote fault reproduce, any time summon at any place of outstanding experts, real-time troubleshooting. You can also use the recording system, the process of recording, filing and training for operators to use. Such an operation and maintenance scheme makes it possible to use the most excellent resource to complete the processing of the fault in the shortest possible time at any time anywhere.

Solution value:

Based on the video of the operation and maintenance operators and traditional operation and maintenance are very different, in the original operation and maintenance system based on further optimization of resource use and the distal end can be rendered in a byod equipment, operation and maintenance can do not have to spend enormous human and material resources, saving more time, improve work efficiency, anytime, anywhere can obtain the scene, real-time according to the scene more quickly to make the correct measures, remote fault, fault diagnosis expert, troubleshooting, business recovery, reduce the loss.

Radio and television CDN solution

Business challenges:

The traditional cable TV in the service way, the content, the quality are difficult to meet the needs of users, the occupation of large tracts of IPTV, Internet TV, even is likely to affect home cable television rate and basic viewing maintenance fee income;

HD interactive set-top box terminal cost, HD interactive content platform construction cost, network construction and transformation of high cost, a direct result of high-definition interactive business of high tariffs, high threshold, user growth rate is slow.

Radio and television industry is in urgent need of expanding market share, we must continue to enhance the interactive TV user experience and promote a variety of value-added services for all kinds of people. Radio and television how to further integrate the existing system resources, to build a more interactive television and value-added services to build a unified platform for the integration of existing systems, the radio and television companies are being explored and tried.

Solution description:

CDN system uses completely open, business and load separation system architecture design, interactive digital TV platform unified carrying video on demand, live, looking back, many value-added and download service, and natural with very strong expansion of new business support ability.

Chant into CDN system architecture to Cisco content distribution system (content Deliery system, CDs) system as the core and the foundation, according to radio and television business needs and IPTV3.0/CDN3.0 relevant norms for according to the research and development.

Solution advantages: minimal investment, better experience

CDN: VVI - Cisco distribution platform is composed of a central storage server, cache server, streaming server and network management server

- superior performance

Safety - excellent, high availability

The high success rate of cache

Expansion of flexible, theoretically unlimited expansion

The centralized management

The openness and standardization, fully comply with IPTV3.0 and CDN3.0 architecture, comply with the relevant standards of radio and television industry
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