Bank data center firewall policy management

Business challenges:

Data center firewall operation and maintenance management personnel in the daily maintenance of firewall policy, in the face of a large number of firewall policy, often have many questions: which security policy is redundant? Which or which security policy is used most frequently and most frequently? And what strategies have not been used? The purpose of this security policy? Who deserve it? In the play? Can you delete it?

Solution description:

Maintenance data centre firewall policy management staff work often in the face of risks and problems: frequent human error; lack of security strategy management of change, caused by security policy accidentally deleted, the error modification event; excessive, unnecessary and repeated security strategy; firewall security policy of low efficiency and data center firewall administrators need a firewall security policy analysis and management platform:

Solution value:


Internet banking business platform solutions

Business challenges:

Internet banking is a combination of traditional finance and the spirit of the Internet and emerging areas. The penetration of the Internet "openness, equality, cooperation, sharing the spirit of traditional financial industry and financial models for human produce fundamental impact, broadly speaking, with internet banking financial formats are collectively referred to as Internet banking.

The plight of the financial industry:

The market interest rate, loan spreads, the homogenization of competition, financial disintermediation accelerated

The third party payment company rise in bank as a social payment platform position has been weakened

The Internet Co of the traditional commercial bank loan department of the foundation of counter attack

Solution description:

In deployment architecture, the overall points for business and management planes; logical network structure on application web front-end and back-end applications network to adapt with the web application architecture, the front end is used for connecting to the Internet and back-end is used to connect the internal backbone, in order to meet the needs of the high elasticity, high performance, high scalability, front and rear end by clos/leaf spine architecture to effectively cope with.

Solution value:

Use of clos, architecture leaf-spine greatly enhance the flexibility and expansibility of network, can meet the massive user data needs and help customers to cloud network extension

] network structure before and after the end of the separation strategy, better fit the front end and the back end of the web application characteristics, and the network scalability directly doubled and Taiwan before and after the security risk is greatly reduced.

- the Internet and Intranet boundary WEB and related security solutions, to enhance the overall security of the platform

"Six wheel drive" can make the platform for Internet users to provide the best experience, enhance customer purchase conversion rate
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