Virtual data center solution

Business challenges:

Data center resources trend challenges the traditional patch to patch, traditional manufacturing data center architectures are currently in the patch to patch model construction, launched a business system before considering purchase and deployment of new network, servers, storage that holds for system platform, set up after the completion of the need and the new business system. And this way generally lead 1-2 years, ultrastructure of most of the data center and at the beginning of the construction in relatively large, even in operation and maintenance parts does not regulate the conditions, data center rack formation can be contrary to the initial construction planning, resulting in reduced the ability of operation. For the manufacturing industry in the future will be a lot of ERP, CRM, CAD, CAPP and other systems deployed in the future data center, so the data center will become more and more resource oriented.

Solution description:

Considering the manufacturing type enterprises, especially large-scale manufacturing enterprises will have many scattered in various parts of the production base. Therefore, the core of the park and data center core separation apply equally to these outside production base, a plurality of Central Park and a data center core structure can be formed.

Solution value:

- Business coupling

In the light of the requirements for manufacturing various types of business characteristics are different in industry, business and application of different logical or physical separation, different business will have their basic platform, among them not mutually "excuse me." The operation stability and performance of the core business is more secure, and the flexibility of other business is also greatly improved.

Different logical area of each platform based on business characteristics of tune card the parameters, improve efficiency will no longer be a device set thousands / strategy or a high performance equipment only 1% utilization rate.

- resource integration

The infrastructure platform to achieve integration of resources (computing, networking, storage, OS), improve efficiency, resources will to digital to calculate rather than "Taiwan" to calculate, resources and future automation management of one of the basic conditions.

To achieve convergence between the various platforms (FC and IP, physical network and virtual network), investment and operation will not be repeated, the construction of IP network and the construction of the FC network. And the high bandwidth and low latency development trend of the future IP network will also greatly support the need of large flow data storage.

Local platform and remote platform integration and remote disaster recovery / data center resources will be like local resources as being used, to enhance the level of disaster recovery.

- Automation Management

Based on the running state to achieve smooth switching, low latency zero packet loss, the business will not be limited by the basic platform, so that the entire data center is more flexible.

Reduce the physical node management, flexibility in the allocation of logical node management, protection of investment, not to add an application and to existing platforms beating, or the new platform.

Provide the corresponding resources based on business needs, increase the viscosity of the data center operations and business operations.

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