Data center threat defense


With the development of IT technology and user needs change, virtualization and cloud computing data center development to bring about a revolution, the physical level and application level virtualization can adapt to the needs of the user at any time to change, but also to the safety protection for data in the proposed new challenges. How to protect the next generation data center is a common concern.


In order to cope with the above problems, the paper presents a new data center threat defense solutions, a total of four layer protection:

The first layer of protection: DDoS protection - from the network layer to the application layer of comprehensive protection DDoS attacks;

The second protective layer: network boundary recognition and filtering, with the next generation firewall to enter data center application for recognition, filter and control, especially filter hidden in the application of statistics in the apt attacks;

The three layers of protection: inside the data center application identification and filtering, enterprise applications are generally divided into a front-end server, middleware and back-end databases for three levels, through the web application firewall and leak detection equipment discovery and threat filtration;

Fourth layers of protection: the virtual environment protection -- and the data center of the cloud and virtualization is a huge net, which contains many virtual devices running different systems and applications. Protection between these virtual devices is essential.

Scheme advantage

Wing into a data center threat defense solutions have the following advantages:

1 comprehensive threat defense - comprehensive defense threats, not only to block the threat from the network layer, but also to prevent the threat from the application layer. Especially for the application layer of the HTTP slow attack and APT attack;

The application of intelligent analysis, according to the application to control, is not the past based on IP and port control, improving the data security and to understand enterprise application access, to enhance the enterprise the application visibility through the application analysis;

. powerful application of visual -- not only to provide users with a reasonable and efficient management interface also provides customers a complete and detailed report, through these statements and management user interface will be able to fully grasp the whole enterprise application control state, timely effective removal and blocking for enterprise application security threats;

4 efficient processing performance - new technology from the physical structure and data model two, to speed up the threat of recognition and processing speed and application data scanning speed.
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